Leather Ball Marker Cuff - Turquoise & White #CTW

Leather Ball Marker Cuff - Turquoise & White #CTW
Turquoise Leather Cuff with White Accent

Our smart look & fit Ball Marker Cuff is a terrific jewelry accessory to assist you marking your ball on the green while looking great! Each cuff is designed with a gorgeous, long lasting siver chromium finish that won't tarnish. Our ball marker cuff fits your wrist snuggly and comfortably while golfing and will look great off the course as well!

Each cuff showcases our genuine leather oval with unique handcrafted textures and dye colors to accompany your great looking golf apparel. We include an extra ball marker with your purchase. Any of your favorite 3/4" markers will work with our bracelet. The ball marker attaches with a super strong magnet, keeping it secure until you're ready to use it on the green.  Looking for custom logos, tourament, league gifts, or fundraisers? We can customize designs to fit your theme. Each tee gift comes beautifully packaged. Our designs are handmade and assembled in our studio in North Central Pennsyvainia.  One size fits all by slightly stretching or squeezing the metal ends. We recommend wearing this on your non-dominant hand so it's easy to remove the ball marker and replace it on the magnetic focal. All bracelets come in a beautiful gift box.